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Re: Merge issue with deleted files

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Merge issue with deleted files
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 13:08:09 -0800

Christian describes a merge conflict: new revisions were created on one branch, and the file was deleted on the other. This is definitely a conflict because the new revisions might contain critical data (though Christian says that in this particular case they are not). CVS should present the user with a method of resolving the conflict by asking the user whether or not to delete the file on the target branch, and if the user declines deletion then CVS should treat the conflict as an ordinary merge conflict in which the file deletion is replaced by an empty file, letting the user edit the resulting file.

Now the hard part: Suppose the deletion was declined and the result of the above merge is then merged back to the contributing branch. Does CVS leave the file in its deleted state? Or does CVS resurrect the file and keep the result of the prior merge? This time there is no conflict, but there's also a good chance of getting incomplete results requiring unusual manual intervention.

On Nov 5, 2009, at 9:12 AM, Risman, Mark wrote:


By using the update command with the two "j" arguments, you'll "merge
the differences between any two revisions into your working file."

The way I understand it, it's as if you were to look at the diff from
revision <first "j" argument> to revision <second "j" argument>, and
apply that to what's in your checkout. Kind of like how "cvs diff -e"
will create a set of commands that can be applied to the first revision
to produce the second.

In this case, the diff between those two revisions is "remove file". So
CVS applies a "remove file" to that file in your checkout. Would a
conflict be more desired in this case?

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Subject: Merge issue with deleted files

I have been using CVS for quite a while and started doing merges back
about 4 years ago. Since, I have not run into any problems, till now
that is. I would appreciate any help on this.

Env: I am running CVS client and server 1.11.22 on Linux 2.6 Kernel.

I have run into this issue when merging from one branch onto another.
A file had been removed on branch B1 and modified on branch B2 with a
couple of revisions (irrelevant perhaps, we were doing some

Branch B2 is my target branch - so I am merging B1 into B2.

I have merged using two join commands so the common ancestor has been
passed to cvs as the first -j. To my surprise, the file got removed
from B2 branch by the merge, and was not flagged as a conflict - which
I would have thought should happen in this scenario.

# checked out B2
cvs -q up -dP -jB1_ROOT -jB1 -kk

Where B1_ROOT is rev 1.6 and B1 branch has been created off of
B1_ROOT. I have on B1 which is marked as 'dead' and
in B2 -- we had two revisions on branch B2 since B1 was created at 1.6

When I noticed this, I have also tried using one -j essentially
passing the branch name which also corresponds to the latest revision
on the B2 branch. At the same time, in this particular case it would
have also been alright I believe to use only 1 -j since it was the
first merge from B1 to B2 so I would not have to worrry about merge
history and the like.

cvs -q up -dP -jB1 -kk

There is a message been spit out by CVS 'file XX has been modified,
but has been removed in revision B1 but the file is not been marked as
a conflict, its status is 'up-to-date'. I am not sure what to do in
the future about this because sometimes I do need to merge more than
one time from a branch, in which case I would need to use two -j and I
would run into the same issue.


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