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Re: Invisible tags

From: cvs_user2009
Subject: Re: Invisible tags
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 16:09:55 -0800 (PST)

Hi Spiro,
Naturally, after the post I did not stop trying to solve my problem. And
though I stand by my claim that I did my due diligence, I was a couple of
hours way to fuguring it out on my own.

>So, do I understand it correctly: MyEclipse is the client, and CVSNT is
>the server? BTW: Is MyEclipse a variant of Eclipse?

Yes on both counts, MyEclipse is a variant of Eclipse and it is a client of
the CVSNT server. But I think it is not crucial. What was crucial is how we
set up out module/project/directory structure and how a client looks for
tags (or how you form a request, to be exact). The structure has three
Level 1
          Level 2
                   Level 3
The actual projects are on the Level 3, and they were tagged. However, the
Level 1 was the one I was trying to find tags at. It is a classical case of
miscommunication (but it's a different story). Naturally, I could not see
any, unless I specifically look at subfolders. When I was setting tags at
the proper level (1) all was fine. And when I was looking at a file history
(which was at the Level 3) I could see the tags. What was confusing is that
at the module Level 3 I did not see the tags as versions. Well, that's the
legacy of VSS and a confusingly good GUI of MyEclipse (when you look at a
well designed GUI you expect it to be smart, but it ain't).

>Note that Eclipse uses its own CVS client, which has its own problems.
>Furthermore, CVSNT is NoT CVS, ;) as is WinCVS. WinCVS builds on top of
>CVSNT, but CVSNT has diverged much from CVS. Thus, chances are higher
>you will get good responses to your problem on a mailing list linked


> or some "MyEclipse" (or Eclipse) based mailing list.

>If the tags are actually there, you could check it out from the command

>  cvs co -r TAGNAME projectname
yes, you're right. I would be able to do that, but I wanted to browse the
tags via GUI.

>with CVSROOT set accordingly. However, this does not explain why your
>setup does not show you the tags.


>Spiro R. Trikaliotis                    

Thank you for your reply, I hope I was coherent in my explanation of what
had happened with MyEclipse. I just a little exceeded my expectations. Hope
this thread will be helpful for somebody else in future.

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