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Re: What is the best way to checkout by tag

From: grant.schoep
Subject: Re: What is the best way to checkout by tag
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 12:28:36 -0700

At 09:49 AM 11/21/2009, Ziggy wrote:
Here is an example. Lets say the last release was LIVE-REL-2-3
All the necessary modules that make up LIVE-REL-2-3 have been tagged with
the LIVE-REL-2-3

Now i am working on LIVE-REL-2-4 and make changes to 3 files. I check in
these 3 files and tag them with the label "BUG23"

There might be developers who have checked in source files and tagged them
with "BUG22", "BUG44" etc which i do not want to include into LIVE-REL-2-4.

LIVE-REL-2-4 should only include "BUG23" which i have just checked in. To
achieve this, i checkout LIVE-REL-2-3 and any files with the "BUG23" label
and build my application.

This checks out the LIVE-REL-2-3 release
cvs co -r LIVE-REL-2-3 mymodule

This checks out the files that had the "BUG23" label.
cvs co -r "BUG23" mymodule

Ok, see my other reply about what is happening about doing two checkouts on top of each other. I just wouldn't do it. I need to do this often enough, I never touch branching. My projects are all rather smaller, developer wise that is. Its generally me, with one or two others. The code bases are medium sized, maybe 200-1000 some files total for each project. But since I am the main developer, and CM for this stuff, it makes it a LOT easier to do without branching. And everyone sort of works in their own area.

Anyways. Try something like this

#check out your "initial baseline" build, which was called LIVE-REL-2-3
cvs co -r LIVE-REL-2-3 mymodule

#Now update what you just checked out with the files checked in with the tag BUG23
cd mymodule  #the package you just checked'out
cvs update -dBUG23

That should all there is to do. Hope this works. I may be missing something, different projects can vary so much, there may be a slight twist to it that will make it work better/worse for you.

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