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RE: Making Patch .zip files

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Making Patch .zip files
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 07:46:02 +1100


> Oops. Should have hit 'reply' not 'reply to author' I don't see my
> latest post in the group. Can you copy my stuff in your reply Art?

Sure - best to hit 'reply all'.

> Thanks all for the responses. I see now I should have been more clear
> in my original post. My application is written in Matlab. My users are
> all using MS Windows.  The users of my application get a .zip file
> that is a folder structure with of about 500 files in various
> subfolders. So, when I give my application to a user, I'm giving them
> a .zip file that contains these files in their respective folders.
> They unzip it, open Matlab, add these folders to their Matlab path and
> they're up and running. Matlab is interpreter based, no compilation on
> my part, no install application, etc. My release is simply a copy of
> my source code that sits on the client's machine.
> Sometimes, we'd like to just give them a 'patch .zip file' that they
> could unzip over their original folder structure that's on their
> machine. This 'patch .zip' file is not a complete copy of the code.
> It's only the changes since the last release. If the user unzips this
> patch over their original copy of the code, it replaces changed files,
> add new subfolders and possibly new files. Let's say their first
> installation was the code at tag 'a'.  Let's further say I just made a
> bunch of changes and just tagged it all as tag 'b'. Now, I'd like to
> make a .zip file to send my users (they're users. they don't have CVS)
> that contains only the changed files, added files and possibly added
> folders between tag 'a' and tag 'b'.

I personally do not think that ZIP is very good for this, you will need
to rely on your customers unzipping, and in the correct order - and deal with the support
e-mails from customers who unzip them in the wrong order.  If you switch
to MSI and MSP files then the windows installer subsystem included by
microsoft will manage all this for you.  You can use Wix to build you
installer or one of many paid/commercial apps with nice GUI's etc.

More info:

> In CVS, I would like to do a checkout of ONLY the files that are new
> or have changed between two tags. I'd like them to be placed in their
> appropriate folders. NO CVS folders - this is NOT a sandbox. 

This is a frequently asked question - please read the book you've bought
that describes how to use CVS (eg: 'All About CVS' which I had a hand in
writing, or 'Essential CVS' or one of many others) - and/or look at
previous newsgroup posts.

reports on differences between Tags:

** click 'next in thread' to see each reply - the one from Mark Risman
is probably what you want. ***

Getting a list of files by date:

List the changes files between 2 dates on specific branch:

> I'm using
> TortoiseCVS now. What's  'cvs applypatch' ? Will this do what I've
> described? Where do I get it?

The idea behind open source ('free'dom) software is that you get the
source code and improve it.  This is what Todd and I were discussing.
'cvs applypatch' will be available when you or I or someone else writes
it and submits the change back to the project.

> Again, thanks to both of you for your help.


Arthur Barrett

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