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Re: (no subject)

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 17:12:51 -0500

Rez P writes:
> Our CVS server is running on Linux and users use CVS.exe or WinCVS on
> Windows client machines.  Is there any way to block users from adding or
> committing certain files or file patterns to our CVS repository?

There's no hook for add, but commitinfo is for pre-commit checks.  (I
can't imagine why you thought cvswrappers was applicable -- it's for
specifying text vs. binary and whether automatic merges are allowed.)

> I'm reading about the commitinfo file but there aren't ample examples
> except some vague references in the file using default or all or
> REGULAR_EXPRESSION [tab] PROGRAM_TO_RUN, whatever that means.  

All of the trigger scripts use the same basic format, so you can glean a
lot of information by looking at the examples for the other files.  In
this case, you'll need to write a commitinfo script to check for bad
names, something like:

        #! /bin/sh
        # repos file...
        # Verifies that the file names are all acceptable
        for file
                case "$file" in
                        echo "Disallowed file name: $file"
                        exit 1
        exit 0

Then add a line to your commitinfo administrative file to call it.  For
example, if you want it to apply to all the directories in your
repository, you could use:

Larry Jones

Why is it you always rip your pants on the day everyone has to
demonstrate a math problem at the chalkboard? -- Calvin

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