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Re: commitinfor and cvswrapper

From: Matthew Ogilvie
Subject: Re: commitinfor and cvswrapper
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 01:27:14 -0700
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Rez P writes:
> Our CVS server is running on Linux and users use CVS.exe or WinCVS on
> Windows client machines. Is there any way to block users from adding or
> committing certain files or file patterns to our CVS repository?

Depending on exactly which client(s) your users use (and how), it might
help significantly to simply include a line like "[Tt]humbs.db" (without
the quotes) in the directory's committed ".cvsignore" file.  Some
GUI clients (like wincvs) will automatically exclude ignored files
from file listings in at least some modes, making them much harder
to add by accident.

  - Does not help if your users are doing "cvs add *".
  - Does not help much if your users are regularly creating new
    image directories, which each need their own .cvsignore
    file.  You might be able to use the repository-wide
    CVSROOT/cvsignore file instead, but it wouldn't surprise me
    if most GUI clients don't know how to check it when doing
    file listings (not sure).

Matthew Ogilvie   address@hidden

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