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SCM Ticketing Software

From: Rez P
Subject: SCM Ticketing Software
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 11:12:41 -0800

I'm sorry about asking this unrelated question on the CVS forum, not sure where 
else or who to ask?!  I'm looking for a ticketing system for software release 
managment, where a requestor or developer initiates a ticket to the 
build/release manager/SCM to do a build.  The ticket may include all the 
pertinent information necessary to do a build, such as CVS file path and 
revision numbers from the developers to a link posted by the SCM for the builds 
artifacts, etc, moving through an approval and installation queue throughout 
its lifecycle until it's closed.  All the ticketing systems I see out there are 
geared toward ITIL and helpdesk systems. The few companies I worked for, had 
written their own proprietary sophisticaed SCM ticketing systems.  Do any of 
you use an SCM ticketing system or would you please point me to some commercial 
or open source software out there capable of doing such a thing.




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