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RE: How to retrieve ALL changes between two tags?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: How to retrieve ALL changes between two tags?
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 08:32:26 +1100


> I know how to retrieve the log between two tags (log 
> -r<tag1>::<tag2>),
> but this leaves out some changes. Namely, the files that are 
> not tagged
> with one or both of the mentioned tags because they:
> a) are created after <tag1> and are therefor only tagged with <tag2>
> b) were deleted after <tag1> and are therefor only tagged with <tag1>
> c) are created after <tag1> and deleted before <tag2> and are 
> therefor not
> tagged at all.
> In creating a list with all changes between certain tags, I 
> would expect
> to somehow have the resources mentioned above listed as well.
> So, is there a way to achieve this? I don't care if it can be 
> done with
> one command or several, I just want to make sure my list is complete!

This is a frequently asked question - please read the book you've bought
that describes how to use CVS (eg: 'All About CVS' which I had a hand in
writing, or 'Essential CVS' or one of many others) - and/or look at
previous newsgroup posts.

reports on differences between Tags:

** click 'next in thread' to see each reply - the one from Mark Risman
is probably what you want. ***

Getting a list of files by date:

List the changes files between 2 dates on specific branch:

> I've been thinking about using dates in the log, but there's 
> the problem
> that I can't retrieve the date for a tag from CVS...

CVS does not store the date of a tag.  CVSNT (free just like CVS, but
NoT CVS - runs on unix/linux/windows) has a failsafe audit database
which indirectly solves this.


Arthur Barrett

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