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How do I make a new repository from a group of CVS directories and files

From: Kristina T.
Subject: How do I make a new repository from a group of CVS directories and files
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 13:49:18 -0700 (PDT)

I have a grouping of subbranches from a CVS repository that I'd like to create 
a new repository from.   

I'd like to check a grouping of files and directories like

$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/build.xml 
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/common.xml
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/src/script
$ cvs checkout -r br_100_REL ClientPatch/bld_commands/119
$ cvs checkout -r br_100_REL ClientPatch/src/119
$ cvs checkout -r br_1_0_0 ClientPatch/bld_commands/121
$ cvs checkout -r br_1_0_0 ClientPatch/src//121
$ cvs checkout -r br_100_REL ClientPatch/bld_commands/1214
$ cvs checkout -r br_100_REL ClientPatch/src/sparc/1214
$ cvs checkout -r br_100_REL ClientPatch/src/1214
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/bld_commands/1230
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/src/1230
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/bld_commands/1231
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/src/1231
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/bld_commands/1232
$ cvs checkout ClientPatch/src/1233

and then somehow create a new repository from the resulting ClientPatch 
directory.   I'd like to retain the original logs.

I've been digging through the CVS docs but haven't been able to figure out how 
to accomplish this.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated

- Kristina


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