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CVSNT Security Note 5871 (CVE-2010-1326)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: CVSNT Security Note 5871 (CVE-2010-1326)
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 17:32:07 +1100

This issue does not affect CVS - it is CVSNT specific - but since it is
a serious issue I'm posting it here to help get word out.

During regular auditing and maintenance of our source code we have
discovered a serious security issue with CVSNT that affects CVSNT 2.0.58
and later (including all builds of 2.5.01, 2.5.02, 2.5.03 before build
3736 and 2.5.04 releases before build 2862; CVS Suite 2.5.03, CVS Suite
2008 before build 3736 (and CVS Suite 2009 pre-releases before 3729) and
has a proven exploit.

We recommend you upgrade to:
* CVSNT, or
* CVSNT, or 

More details are available here, including the complete list of affected

We have already notified the maintainers of the list of Common
Vulnerabilities and Exposures and they have assigned the candidate
CVE-2010-1326 to this issue.

If you are a support customer then you can download the update from the
customer area of the web site and discuss any problems
with the support team.  Please do not contact me directly about this


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager

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