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Loginfo standard input missing

From: Frode V. Fjeld
Subject: Loginfo standard input missing
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 12:35:51 +0200
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We have a repository set up originally with cvs 1.11, but now with newer
nodes with recent Ubuntu and cvs 1.12.13, I can't seem to get loginfo to
work properly.

We have a custom program to handle loginfo that reads the log
information from standard input. However with cvs 1.12 there is no such
information present: standard input is empty regardless of the commit

>From the manual I gather that the log information should be provided in
standard input just as before. How can I ensure that the log information
(i.e. commit messages) get to the loginfo script also with cvs 1.12?

Frode V. Fjeld

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