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Re: Certain files are checkouted as read-only. Don't know why?

From: tedtoal
Subject: Re: Certain files are checkouted as read-only. Don't know why?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 21:32:06 -0700 (PDT)

I've just spent an entire day trying to get my files so they won't check out
as read-only, and FINALLY fixed it.  There seem to be many different paths
that could cause problems.  There is the Edit Policy in TortoiseCVS
preferences; there is the WATCH setting in the repository (turn it off using
"cvs watch off"); there are the registered watchers (remove yourself using
"cvs watch remove"); there seems to be a bug in (my version of) CVSNT that
causes it to not change the contents of the fileattr.xml file even though
"cvs watch off" and "cvs watch remove" were done (but manually editing the
fileattr.xml file and removing the watch statements also does not fix the
problem); and then...

The final cause in my own case was that project files were individually
marked to "enforce reserved edit" within their ,v archive files, in the form
of the "x" option in the ,v file statement "kopt xkv".  I was able to remove
the "x" from ALL the 'v files in the project with this command:

cvs update -k-x

Then, updating the project with new copies of files eliminated the

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