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changing a committer's name in the repository

From: Anthony J. Biacco
Subject: changing a committer's name in the repository
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 22:19:48 -0600

I have a CVS repository which has at any point about 5-7 active
The repo is being used by Atlassian Fisheye. However Fisheye has a
unique committer limit of 10.
While I have only the 5-7 active committers, developers come and go and
when fisheye parses the repo it may see 20 or more committers, stop
parsing the repo with an error that I've gone over my limit.

Now my there a way to change a committer's name in the
whole repo to an active committer's name to fix my uniqueness problem?

Much thanks,

Manager, IT Operations
Format Dynamics, Inc.

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