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Re: missing files after cvs checkout

From: David Shrader
Subject: Re: missing files after cvs checkout
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:29:28 -0600
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Thank you Larry and Jim for the quick replies. I'm working on Larry's 
suggestion. The repository is kept on another machine that hosts many 
projects, and we're finding that it isn't easy to get at the repository. We're 
working on it, and I will report back.

Since Jim's suggestion I could easily do, I tried it. The "branch:" line for 
the problem files are the same as for ok files. It is always blank.

Thank you again!

On Thursday 12 August 2010, Jim Hyslop wrote:
> David Shrader wrote:
> Sorry, I missed this part earlier:
> > There are no sticky dates or tags associated with any of the
> > files.
> If Larry's suggestion about the Attic doesn't work, compare the default
> branch for the six problem files with the default branch of the files
> that are good. Do this by issuing the command `cvs rlog -h
> <path>/<file>`, and look at the "branch: " line. If they're different,
> you can change the default branch with the command `cvs admin -b`.

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