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Re: CVS is mangling some text files

From: Harvey
Subject: Re: CVS is mangling some text files
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 20:56:20 -0600
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Howdy - No responses seen for a day or so - please drop the issue in I will reload and submit on gnu.cvs.bug.

On 12/04/2010 02:54 PM, Harvey wrote:
I just went to some lengths to import and update some code of mine into
CVS. This is on a Windows Vista machine. CVS client 1.12.12 (client),
1.12.13 (Ubuntu server).

There are about 90 files in the project. When I checkout the project
files, there are 4 files that are mangled and I can't seem to get them


The .ico file is binary and correctly set up to be stored as binary in
the repository. The other 3 are text. If I fix up the mangling and
commit the files back to CVS, update leaves them alone but a checkout
into a fresh directory gives the garbage stuff again.

The mangling appears as "Asian" characters on every second line of the
text files. For example, the file resource.h should be:

// Microsoft Visual C++ generated include file.
// Used by MFCPCons.rc
#define IDM_ABOUTBOX 0x0010
#define IDD_ABOUTBOX 100
#define IDS_ABOUTBOX 101
#define IDR_MAINFRAME 128

and what it appears as is:

// Used by MFCPCons.rc
#define IDM_ABOUTBOX 0x0010
#define IDS_ABOUTBOX 101
#define IDR_MAINFRAME 128

Any ideas? I still have the original files and can recreate from them if


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