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Re: CVS is mangling some text files

From: Harvey
Subject: Re: CVS is mangling some text files
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 22:28:30 -0600
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Thanks for the info.

>From your info below, I figured out that (as you said) the .ico file was
improperly stored in the repository as text.  I think that may have been
an out of sync change with the cvswrappers file.  Changing with 'cvs
admin' fixed that file.

The 3 text files (.rc, .rc2, .h) were indeed somehow flagged incorrectly
as Unicode and your fix below (cvs only; I don't currently have WinCVS)
corrected the problem.

I fixed my problem thanks to you.

On 12/05/2010 11:43 PM, Larry Jones wrote:
> Harvey writes:
>> I just went to some lengths to import and update some code of mine into 
>> CVS.  This is on a Windows Vista machine.  CVS client 1.12.12 (client), 
>> 1.12.13 (Ubuntu server).
> On Windows, it's critically important to distinguish between text and
> binary when creating a file, either by adding it or importing it.
>> There are about 90 files in the project.  When I checkout the project 
>> files, there are 4 files that are mangled and I can't seem to get them 
>> unmangled:
>>   xxx/res/MFCPCons.ico
>>   xxx/res/MFCPCons.rc2
>>   xxx/resource.h
>>   xxx/MFCPCons.rc
>> The .ico file is binary and correctly set up to be stored as binary in 
>> the repository.
> Make sure it's really set in the repository and not just in your working
> directory.  cvs log will show you the repository setting (keyword
> substitution), cvs status will show you your working directory setting. 
> The best thing to do is to use cvs admin to set the repository file
> correctly and then do cvs up -A to synchronize the working file.
>> The other 3 are text.
> Windows has some strange ideas about what "text" means.  Those files are
> likely Unicode encoded rather than ASCII -- Windows may consider that
> text, but it's binary as far as CVS is concerned.  One way to find out
> is to open the file in Notepad and then do File -> Save As: there's an
> Encoding field that will tell you how the file is encoded.  Saving the
> files as ASCII and then committing them should fix the problem.
> You might want to consider using WinCVS as your client -- it does a very
> good job of automatically detecting text vs. binary so you can fix up
> the files as needed before committing them rather than trying to clean
> up afterwards.


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