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RE: CVS archiver (way to automatically archive all revisions?)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS archiver (way to automatically archive all revisions?)
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 13:00:35 +1100

Hi Olivier,

There are many of these - mostly written by commercial SCCM vendors like
ClearCase to help 'migrate' from CVS to another tool.  We wrote one for
CM Suite (CVSNT 3.x) that can 'download' a Subversion or CVS repository
purely client-side, and import it into a CM Suite repository.  

I am not aware of a tool that does this purely for the purpose of

We've often thought of adding a feature like this to CVSNT (open source,
runs on linux, windows etc) but we've avoided it because generally if a
CVS Server administrator WANTS you to have access to the whole
repository then they'll give you access to the RCS files themselves.
Ie: if you are asking for a pure 'client side' solution then the chances
are that you are doing something the CVS administrator doesn't want you
to do...

Due to the popularity of things like Git (with the 'git clone' command)
we are re-considering this 'ban' on a 'cvs clone' command.  I wonder if
the 'lack' of a 'cvs clone' command can be perceived as a weakness in
the CVS model?  However we are likely to implement it in such a way that
would either require the CVS Administrator to 'enable' the feature, or
(at a minimum) allow the CVS Administrator to 'disable' the feature.

If this is something you need urgently then I recommend talking to our
sales team about getting the feature added sooner rather than later - or
of course you can write it yourself (which is the beauty of open source
software right?).


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager
March Hare Software

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> Subject: CVS archiver (way to automatically archive all revisions?)
> Hello,
> Is there a way (a tool or script) to automatically download all the
> revisions of all the files (including files that were deleted) in a
> given repository, from the client-side?
> Thanks for any help or pointer.
> Olivier

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