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Attic Behavior

From: Lummoxx
Subject: Attic Behavior
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 09:07:09 -0500


Is there any reason for a file that is in the Attic to NOT show state
as dead for any of its revisions?

I have shell access to the repository.  When I look at the ,v file,
none of the revisions show "state dead", they are all "state Exp", yet
the file is in the Attic.

When doing a checkout of HEAD, the file is not checked out.  When the
repository is browsed using ViewVC, in that directory, the file is
displayed as if it is alive (the option to hide dead files is active).

Attempts to restore the file via normal means (add then commit) do not
work, it returns the error "added independently by second party".

I'm the only one with shell access, and I know I didn't move the file
manually into the attic, so I hesitate to manually move it out.  The
repository has a lot of tags defined, and I do not want to break any
of the tags by moving the file.

Am I missing anything simple, or is this truly some weird bug/error
I've stumbled across?


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