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Re: CVS: find changeset for a file

From: Sandeep Krishnan
Subject: Re: CVS: find changeset for a file
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 17:07:12 -0600
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Thanks Todd,

For the previous data that I wanted, i used some scripting and extracted it directly from the rlog output. I will try cvs2cl as you have suggested and see if I can get the information I need.

Thanks very much for the prompt reply.

Easy. Same answer as I gave you last time when you wanted to search for 
substrings. :)

By default cvs2cl lists its information by "change set", where "change set" is 
defined as a bunch of
files checked in at near (and near is controllable) the same time with EXACTLY 
the same checkin comment.

Also if you want to use rlog instead of having a checkout, I believe you can 
pipe the rlog output
into cvs2cl and tell cvs2cl the log is on stdin.

cvs2cl --help #for all the options

of course if you want "real" change set numbers you could always use one of 
those cvs2svn tools and
then pour through it's output and see if it thinks you had any change sets of 
more than one file. :^}

Good luck.

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