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Help with new users in CVS.

From: ottdev
Subject: Help with new users in CVS.
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 17:40:50 -0000
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Hi there,

I am relatively new to working with CVS. Someone else set up our CVS system in 
a way I don't really like.

We have multiple cvs usernames, all pointing to one system user that has access 
to our entire repository.

Recently we have hired a contractor – wanting to partition that users access, I 
set up a system group called:


I made our existing system user a member of this group so that existing 
permissions for full time developers can be maintained, I then did a change 
group on all the files and folders under the module.

This all worked.

Now I added a new system user call modcont (module contractor) and made it a 
member of the moddev group.

I set up a new CVS user with the users username in the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd 
file. Now when I try to checkout, I get "setgid failed: Operation not 
permitted". If I used WinCVS to connect, I get the same message when I try to 

The system is using pserver, and if I log in to the machine using the modcont 
system user, I can get in and it works fine.

Any thoughts?


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