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How to detect new CVS dirs

From: Peter Toft
Subject: How to detect new CVS dirs
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 23:45:39 +0200
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Hi all 

I have a small brain-teaser for the CVS-gurus.... 

that I "pto" have a CVS module checked out, and the user "donald" have
the same module checked out - 

both on HEAD version. Then "donald" adds
two dirs (Donald/ + Scrooge/) and one file (Scrooge/McDuck) 


 mkdir Scrooge 

 echo "money" > Scrooge/McDuck 

 cvs add
Donald Scrooge 

 cvs commit Donald Scrooge 

 cvs add Scrooge/McDuck 

cvs commit -m "Money makes the world go around" Scrooge/McDuck 

question to you is how can "pto" detect what "donald" did - WITHOUT
changing the files locally. 

Part of the question is solved by running

 cvs -q -n update -AdP 

However now it gets a bit more blurry.... 

will see the directories "Donald" and "Scrooge" in my stderr output 

cvs update: New directory `Donald' -- ignored 

 cvs update: New
directory `Scrooge' -- ignored 

well - I kinda dislike this, since a
real "cvs update -AdP will prune the empty "Donald" away i.e. I cannot

why "cvs -q -n update -AdP" should show this. Comments on this?

The other issue is that I cannot see the file "Scrooge/McDuck" with my
"cvs -q -n update -AdP". 

Clues to get that information - again without
actually modifying the local files of me? Comments? 

I can solve this
by first doing an actual update of the two dirs, and see what I get -
and then remove the  

two dirs, but I would like to solve this with
that strategy. 


Peter Toft 

Peter Toft,

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