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Error in sserver method

From: vinodh
Subject: Error in sserver method
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 19:36:05 +0530


 We installed "cvsnt-" in fedora 14. We were able to
access the repository from windows "Tortoise CVS" We tried the since we need
to access it via SSL(Sserver protocol) we tried too but we get the below

*Using an empty password; you may need to do 'cvs login' with a real
cvsnt [server aborted]: bad auth protocol start: BEGIN SSL AUTH REQUEST
cvs [checkout aborted]: Connection to server failed*

We have enabled the certificates in vi /etc/cvsnt/PServer but we still get
this error. Could you please help me on this.

The Pserver method works fine with the same username and password but it
isn't working for ssserver. If possible could u please provide me the CVSNT
rpm and step by step installation for linux.


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