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What CVS files do I need to download?

From: Bruce A. Julseth
Subject: What CVS files do I need to download?
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 03:20:33 -0000
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I need some beginner help on downloading CVX.  I went to
and found two directories, binary and source. Since I will not be modifing the 
code, I assume I want something from the binary directory. Opening the binary 
directory, I a readme file and two directories, feature and stable. Opening 
these directories, I find a Windows.txt which says I want X86-woe. Opening the 
Stable directory I find various .zip files. I'm guessing the I want to download 
the most recent zip file, namely, posted 26-Jan-2006. In the 
Features, directory I find the most recent file is posted 

So, bottom line. Are the zip files and

Now, further information.  I am a home, no commercial, user who does 
development for myself and friends. I need CVS, with NetBeans, because I 
develop on 3 different PC's.

Greatly appreciate your advice and suggestions.  Thanks you.


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