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RE: how to show list of tags

From: Cumps, Erik
Subject: RE: how to show list of tags
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 13:45:07 +0200

Please find attached the 'lstag' perl script which should do what you


Usage: /home/buildtree/bin/lstag [-d cvsroot] command [module]


Where: -d cvsroot   Specifies cvs root, overrides 'CVSROOT' environment

                    variable and 'CVS/Root' file.


       command      -l    shows list of all known tags

                    tag   shows list of files with this tag


       module       Specifies module, overrides 'CVS/Repository' file.


This command can be run from within a CVS sandbox. In this case both the

CVSROOT and CVS module can be overridden by the command line options.

in this case the CVSROOT environment variable won't override the sandbox


If not run from within a sandbox the CVSROOT and CVS module MUST be set

the command line or, in the case of CSVROOT, via the environment.


For example:


> lstag -l

/home/buildtree/bin/lstag - CVS tag and file lister version 1.11


List of all known tags:





> lstag MY_BUILDROOT_2011_05

/home/buildtree/bin/lstag - CVS tag and file lister version 1.11


Files with tag "MY_BUILDROOT_2011_05":


Up-to-date      1.1.2 buildroot/boot/syslinux/

Up-to-date      1.1.2

Up-to-date      1.1.2 buildroot/boot/syslinux/



Erik Cumps


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Subject: how to show list of tags


I want to print a list of all cvs tags (one entry per line) in our repo 

from the command line using a single tag and then pass that to grep 

looking for a pattern.


I have googled and googled, read many documents and no where can I find 

a single command that will show me a list of cvs tags.


Ideally I would also like to simply show branch tags, but also need ALL 



If anyone can help, that would be great.  I do not have the time to 

write a perl script to do this.






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