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RE: CVS: does it have eol-style props

From: Hickel, Kelly
Subject: RE: CVS: does it have eol-style props
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 12:57:14 -0500

Looks OK

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Subject: RE: CVS: does it have eol-style props

Having an attribute of -kb does not indicate that the file is binary, though 
all binary files should have this attribute. It indicates that both keyword 
expansion and EOL translation is inhibited. This means that if a text file with 
the -kb attribute is edited in both *NIX and Windows (or even Mac), then a mix 
of EOL types will end up being present. If you use the -kk attribute for text 
files, only keyword expansion will be inhibited and the EOL translation will be 
handled for you by cvs.

The cvswrappers file in CVSROOT governs default behavior based on 
case-sensitive extensions. Note that it only controls the attribute for initial 
adds to the repository, not subsequent checkouts or commits.

Hope this helps,

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The problem was solved by removing the file and typing it in again because it 
is small.  i made sure I did all the work on UNIX and not via eclipse on 
windows or anything.  Seems to work now -

Of course this does not really answer the question about what happened to it.

If anyone has any good advice :-)  or info I'd still appreciate it.

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