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RE: newbie question rtag vs. tag

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: newbie question rtag vs. tag
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 13:40:42 -0500

> -----Original Message-----
> I know obviously that some commands w/ the Rs in them are due
> to RCS like rlog and log.
> for cvs rtag and cvs tag ... is it the same difference?  rtag
> tags the repository and tag the working directory.  I was
> tagging the HEAD as the final build to use later as a branch
> point if necessary.  I used rtag.  just making sure I am correct.
> Sorry for so many quesitons.
> KM

I believe the "r" actually means "remote" or "repository".  The "r"
commands can modify the cvs repository directly without having to
have a local checkout.  You need to have files checked out to use
`cvs tag`, but you do not have to have files checked out to use
`cvs rtag`. is more
than likely relevant to both this question and the prior one.

tag is discussed here:

rtag here:

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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