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RE: Can cvs be used via http port 80?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Can cvs be used via http port 80?
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 08:16:58 +1100


The CVS 'Pserver' protocol is very different from HTTP - even if you
could run it on port 80, many professional routers would block the
actual traffic because it is not HTTP.  

But all that is irrelavent, because CVS is a client/server system - you
need to run something on the server to 'host' the repository, and since
you don't have admin access to the server, you can't install that.

I've personally used dyndns ( and run a dyndns
updater on the CVS server at home to ensure that every time my internet
provider changes my IP address it's automatically updated in the dyndns
server.  It then allows me to access my home computer (including the CVS
server running on it) from anywhere in the world using a name like - I use ssh and the cvsnt :ssh:hostname:/myrepo
connection string because it is far more secure than using Pserver.

Alternatively there are some companies that host CVS servers, eg:
sourceforge, just google search 'cvs hosting'.


Arthur Barrett

> I have a local (home) cvs server, which I would like to move 
> to an offsite host. 
>   Home network is also behind NAT and I'd like to be able to 
> see cvs service 
> from wherever I have my laptop.
> I have an external web server that might do the job for this 
> but the service 
> provider gives me http access to port 80 and 443 (and I can 
> ftp whatever source 
> files via ftp/21).  I do not have management access and can 
> not turn on port 
> 2401, add users etc. which I see in a lot of CM config info 
> text.  I can't run 
> telnet or csh etc. to it and don't have/don't know a username 
> on the machine 
> (except what I use for ftp).
> Is there a way to run cvs on a web server without having 
> admin access that would 
> work via port 80 (or 443)?  I am hoping for pserver or 
> ext/ssh access somehow. 
> I've tried a few things just poking around but only get 
> timeout errors or HTML 
> wtf messages so far.

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