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cvs tags

From: J.V.
Subject: cvs tags
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:49:28 -0700
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I have Googled this subject so much my head and fingers hurt.

How do I see tags in the cvs repo without installing other software (like Eclipse).

I want to see tagged code and tagged branches from the command line.

I have to check out some code from a specific legacy version and want to be able to do this myself / discover myself without having to walk across the building and ask someone that worked on the project three years ago.

I found a solution that would involve installing perl and running a perl script. There has to be something built into cvs to do this and it is such a common thing to do, but is not in any intro to cvs that I can find.

I need to see separately tags that correspond only to code that was tagged, and full branches, whatever you call or refer to those as.

Even with other software / Eclipse plugins, I do not believe those show me the difference in the tags that need to see.


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