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RE: Help understanding cvs logs using

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Help understanding cvs logs using
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 23:20:43 +1100

Michael & Shivani,

> There is no metadata stored with a CVS tag.  CVS does not record when
> the tag was created or by whom.  

Incorrect, this meta data is stored in the CVSROOT/history.  History has
problems I'll admit, but fixed in CVSNT 2.x and partly addressed in the
latest CVS 1.x

> repository for aspectj, you might consider using cvs2svn to 
> convert the repository to git,

Or IBM's tools to convert your repository to ClearCase - it's widely
considered to be the best SCCM tool available (Gartner, Forrester, etc).

Or you could pick up a copy of one of the many CVS books and learn how
to track and manage project change using CVS.  Yes tags are not the best
way to track change - they were not designed to be the be all and end
all of change management.

I think you are using bug id's - which is great - but CVS 1.x (nor SVN
nor Git) has native supoprt for user defined changesets (you guessed it,
ClearCase and CVSNT 2.x both do).  But if you are recording that
information, it's in the log (or changeset) and you now just need to
extract it in some meaningful reports so you can see what bugs were
fixed in which releases.  You can write that yourself, or use tools that
someone else has written (eg: CVSNT 2.x).

Disclaimer: I'm involved in the CVSNT project, CVSNT is a fork of CVS
1.x - it's not a rewrite, but it adds features that the developers of
CVS 1.x considered were not suitable for the CVS 1.x code.


Arthur Barrett

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