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Re: Help understanding cvs logs using

From: Michael Haggerty
Subject: Re: Help understanding cvs logs using
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:17:30 +0100
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If I understand correctly, Shivani wanted help investigating the history
of a project, not managing the project in the future.  Since he
mentioned cvs2cl, I assume that as part of his analysis he wanted to
deduce (cross-file) changesets from the CVS history.  I suggested that
he use cvs2git to collate the changes into changesets to facilitate his
analysis.  I explicitly stated that I was *not* trying to convince him
to switch to using git for future development.

On 03/02/2012 01:20 PM, Arthur Barrett wrote:
>> There is no metadata stored with a CVS tag.  CVS does not record when
>> the tag was created or by whom.  
> Incorrect, this meta data is stored in the CVSROOT/history.  History has
> problems I'll admit, but fixed in CVSNT 2.x and partly addressed in the
> latest CVS 1.x
>> repository for aspectj, you might consider using cvs2svn to 
>> convert the repository to git,
> Or IBM's tools to convert your repository to ClearCase - it's widely
> considered to be the best SCCM tool available (Gartner, Forrester, etc).

I don't understand this comment.  How would converting to ClearCase help
him analyze his repository's history?

> Or you could pick up a copy of one of the many CVS books and learn how
> to track and manage project change using CVS.  Yes tags are not the best
> way to track change - they were not designed to be the be all and end
> all of change management.

This sounds like a suggestion that the project change its workflow in
the future.  Again, I don't see how this will help analyze the
repository's existing history.

> I think you are using bug id's - which is great - but CVS 1.x (nor SVN
> nor Git) has native supoprt for user defined changesets (you guessed it,
> ClearCase and CVSNT 2.x both do).

I'm curious what "user defined changesets" are.  Can you point me to
some docs?


Michael Haggerty

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