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RE: How do I associate a directory with repository?

From: Mike Glasspool
Subject: RE: How do I associate a directory with repository?
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 16:29:38 +0000

Hey Harvey,

A couple of points for you here.

1) If you're worried about your GPS datastore, don't use it. I'm not sure why 
this is even a consideration.
2) How are you connecting to your CVS repository? Are you developing on the 
same machine?

Really you can do a couple of things here.

In theory if you're working on independent features, you can checkout your 
source, modify it, then check in when complete. You can check out multiple 
times if you're working concurrently. If this is your use case, go that way - 
just be aware you may need to resolve conflicts.

If you're working on a large set of changes, you can branch, check smaller 
changes into the branch, then merge the branch back to HEAD when you're ready. 
This will simulate a sandbox-type environment.


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Subject: How do I associate a directory with repository?

Howdy - I am a longtime developer but new to cvs.  A particular use case I keep 
running into is as follows:

- I have an existing directory of source.  I add it to my cvs repository
  cvs import -m "blah blah" xxx/yyy zzz initial
- I then want to use the existing directory as a CVS work area ("sandbox"?), 
but I don't have a clean way to associate it with the files I just put in the 

I have monkeyed with creating a CVS subdirectory and faking the 
Entries/Repository/Root files (bad juju) and checking out the parent directory 
over the current files.  I am not comfortable doing this and it seems a bit 
awkward.  It doesn't make sense to me that I need to read back files that were 
just put into the repository from that same directory.

One place where I have files I want to save is on my GPS (which looks like a 
USB drive).  I am reluctant to potentially mess up the GPS binaries with a 
checkout failure.

Another place where this happens is in Anjuta IDE where the files are created 
by either a wizard or manually in the IDE and the CVS interface does not 
readily handle the transition from 'import' to 'checkout' to 'commit'.
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