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Re: Using WinCVS with OSX App - possible?

From: Adam Fialkov
Subject: Re: Using WinCVS with OSX App - possible?
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 20:56:27 -0700

Hi Arthur,
Thanks for your response. I don't necessarily have a love for the Macros...just 
have some that were designed by my employer and they are used specifically for 
work. I don't know enough about what's under the hood to figure out whether or 
not I actually need them, and honestly I am not even supposed to be using the 
Mac to accomplish any of this - so it is just one of those things that'd be 
nice to be able to do. Now I remember why I couldn't use MacCVS when I made the 
move to Lion.

- Adam

On May 1, 2012, at 6:27 PM, Arthur Barrett wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> WinCVS / MacCVS has it's own mailing list just go to the main WinCVS
> site and follow the links (it's a yahoo group I think).
> WinCVS and MacCVS are both 'gui front ends' to CVSNT.  The company I
> work for do all the public releases of CVSNT since 2004, and have
> contributed to the WinCVS and MacCVS projects.  MacCVS wont run on Lion,
> because it contains some PowerPC libraries (which requires rosetta,
> which Lion doesn't have).  We're working on a replacement with the same
> developers who were responsible for MacCVS, but it's not currently
> available.
> I'm surprised you want the 'macros'.  Well sorta surprised, I know many
> people spent a lot of times writing complex macros and like(d) them.
> Our focus has been on improving the core CVSNT itself so (as much as
> possible) fancy macros and scripts are not needed - that it delivers the
> functionality you need out of the box.  And we've been taking this
> approach with the 'new' MacCVS - put in the features, rather than make
> everyone learn macros.
> If you've got time, please send me your 'top 10' list of features
> (things you'd otherwise use a macro for) that you'd like to see in a new
> 'MacCVS' client.
> Unfortunately we've only got limited resources and so the new MacCVS is
> currently on the backburner, but if we knew lots of people were hanging
> out for it...
> Finally - I don't use parallels, I use fusion, but there are probably
> better ways of doing what you want (starting a ac app from within the
> VM) than using the cron job.  The correct place to ask would be the
> vendors forum (though I would phrase it as generically as possible, eg:
> how do I right click a '.doc' file in 'explorer' and have it open in
> office for mac or iwork?).  I know vmware has a 'integrated' mode, where
> a windows app (like wincvs) just 'looks like' a mac app - so this is
> bound to be a reasonably common question.  I know in Fusion it's easy to
> do the reverse - open a mac file in a windows app...
> Regards,
> Arthur
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>> To: Mike Glasspool
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>> Subject: Re: Using WinCVS with OSX App - possible?
>> Thanks for the reply, Mike. You're right, that does sound 
>> like a long way to go to get there...I'd love to instead use 
>> an OSX-native CVS client, but haven't been able to find a 
>> good one that has an easy GUI and will allow me to use the 
>> Macros I have set up in WinCVS. I used MacCVS for a while 
>> back in the day, but I haven't been able to dig up a recent 
>> version of it to download and try out with Lion. I will give 
>> Eclipse a look.
>> On May 1, 2012, at 9:09 AM, Mike Glasspool wrote:
>>> So let me get this right, you are running in the Windows 
>> environment 'bubble' - that really has no reach into the 
>> MacOS 'bubble' except for filesystem?
>>> If that's the case, it's going to be a real hack, but write 
>> a cron-job that runs often on the MacOS side of things that 
>> reads a text file and deletes it - opens the file in Coda. 
>> Write a windows script/executable to write the file. So you 
>> have a consumer/provider relationship.
>>> It's a total hack though and probably very inefficient. I'd 
>> just use a Windows-based editor and get over with it :) Or 
>> use a CVS utility for Mac. I like Eclipse for my environment 
>> and I think it runs on a Mac. It has CVS hooks into the IDE.
>>> Mike
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>>> Subject: Using WinCVS with OSX App - possible?
>>> I use Coda to edit files I work with in WinCVS .. I'm 
>> running Windows Vista with Parallels over Mac OSX. I'd like 
>> to be able to use the contextual menu for 'edit with editor' 
>> to open .jsp files in Coda, on the Mac side. I know this is a 
>> pretty random question - any chance someone out there has 
>> figured out a workaround to be able to do this?
>>> When you browse MAC applications through Windows Explorer, 
>> you can't get to an executable to point the shortcut to. Thanks!
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