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RE: Merging new files from HEAD to branch

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Merging new files from HEAD to branch
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 11:18:31 +1100


Which version of CVS (eg: 1.11.1,  We need the version of
both the client and the server. The command 'cvs ver' will give you this
when ran from a 'sandbox'.

What platform is the client, and what platform the server (eg: server:
red hat enterprise linux v6 x64, client: sun solaris 9 sparc).

If you can provide the output of 'cvs log' for the file you are having
problems with that may help too.


Arthur Barrett

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> org] On Behalf Of Julia Jacobson
> Sent: Monday, 7 May 2012 1:47 AM
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> Subject: Merging new files from HEAD to branch
> Hello everybody out there using CVS,
> When I add a new file to a branch and then merge this file into the
> HEAD, CVS keeps updating this file after changing between HEAD and
> branch or vice versa by "cvs up -A" or "cvs up -r branch" although the
> file itself hasn't been changed.
> Files that were added before the creation of the branch aren't updated
> after these commands, if they haven't changed. That's what I would
> expect and also want cvs to do for the new file.
> Kind regards,
> Julia

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