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new-born has disappeared warning

From: Andrew Michael Levin
Subject: new-born has disappeared warning
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 16:53:02 +0200


I am having the following problem. I try to do this:

address@hidden src]$ rm -r CondFormats
address@hidden src]$ cvs co -d CondFormats/EGammaObjects

and I get this warning:

cvs checkout: warning: new-born
`CondFormats/EGammaObjects/CondFormats/EGammaObjects' has disappeared

and a CondFormats/EGammaObjects/CondFormats directory is created. I
don't understand why cvs creates a CondFormats/EGammaObjects directory
and then creates a directory in that called CondFormats. (There is no
CondFormats directory in EGammaObjects.) I have used this checkout
structure before and it has worked. So, I am really confused.

Does anyone understand this and know how to fix it?



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