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question on removing tags

From: KM
Subject: question on removing tags
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 08:36:57 -0700 (PDT)

I have a general question.  I've looked at the manual and this doesn't seem 
harmful, but I wanted to ask the experts :-)

We have a build system (created by other CMs before I arrived), that create a 
CVS tag of the head for each build before checking out and compiling etc.  
Needed to say after years there are many/hundreds of tags such as 
PROD-VER-YYYYMMDD.  When we go to look for a certain version in eclipse there 
are so many I often get memory errors when trying to search.

Also - there are special tags created for the needed versions like general 
availability release versions, and the integration testing versions that are 
delivered to the testing team.  

So i want to remove a lot of the old tags using "cvs rtag -d <old tag name>  
module".   Is this OK?  I have deleted a few and it seems ok.. If I keep 
cleaning so that many are removed will it be harmful to the history or the CVS 
repository.   Does it take up more space via recording these changes or 
anything like that either?   

Thanks as always.  Needless to say - I hope to look into this build process.  


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