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RE: cvs corrupts file while tagging

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs corrupts file while tagging
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:12:07 +1100

Thanks for sending that - I don't maintain CVS 1.x (I focus on the 2.x and 3.x 
code that was forked) so I won't be looking at this issue, but the trace and 
diagnostics will be useful for whoever does.  
Can you also send through the package info for the 32 and 64 bit binaries?  
eg: if you compiled them from source, the config.log files. if you are using an 
RPM - where did it come from?
Particularly interested in:
- system and system version it was compiled on 
- compiler it was built with and version
- configuration options (./configure) and resulting compiler options/libraries
Finally if you have time please test the more recent CVS 1.12.12 or 1.12.13 
release (x32 and x64) and advise if that exhibits the same problem. 
1.12.13 release 27-Jul-2006
1.12.6 released 14-Mar-2004
Arthur Barrett

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        From: rush [mailto:address@hidden 
        Sent: 21 August 2013 23:28
        To: Arthur Barrett
        Cc: address@hidden
        Subject: Re: cvs corrupts file while tagging

        I moved the repository to a local drive and tried it again. cvs still 
corrupts file.
        I have installed 32bit cvs, but my system is 64bit. I tested in on 
another machine with 32bit cvs and 64bit system and caught the same behaviour.
        Then I switched to 64bit version and voila, everything works fine.
        So it looks like a bug in 32bit version.
        I'm not sure if I should attach the trace or just to provide a link to 
something like pastebin.
        So here it is the debug output with 32bit cvs with repository on local 
        Right after tag I get corrupted file and message on client side:
        cvs [rlog aborted]: EOF while looking for end of string in RCS file 
        21.08.2013, 17:07, "Arthur Barrett" <address@hidden>:

                Is it possible to move the repository to a 'local' disk and 
re-run the test?
                If the problem still occurs on a 'local' disk, can you generate 
a trace?
                  cvs -ttt rtag -B -a -F -r 1.526 -b "my_tag" project/file.bin 
2>&1 > /tmp/my_trace.txt
                The CVS repository is like a 'database' - you wouldn't put an 
oracle database on an NFS share (or a Samba share) and neither should your CVS 
repository be there.

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                         org] On Behalf Of rush
                         Sent: 21 August 2013 14:56
                         To: Jim Hyslop
                         Cc: address@hidden
                         Subject: Re: cvs corrupts file while tagging
                            Thanks for your reply.
                              Is the repository mounted on a shared drive?
                            Repository files are on nfs drive.
                            Check the sticky tags on the file to ensure it has 
the binary tag
                            applied (-kb).
                            Yes, the file has binary tag. In cvs log I can find 
                            е║е║е║ keyword substitution: b
                            21.08.2013, 07:40, "Jim Hyslop" <address@hidden>:
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                              Hash: SHA1
                              On 13-08-20 5:12 AM, rush wrote:
                              е║I'm facing to a strange problem: cvs corrupts 
rcs file 
                         while I'm
                              е║trying to tag it.
                              е║Is there any way to fix that thing?
                              Is the repository mounted on a shared drive?
                              Check the sticky tags on the file to ensure it 
has the binary tag
                              applied (-kb).
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