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CVS Checkout Fails But Module Exists

From: Bryan Batten
Subject: CVS Checkout Fails But Module Exists
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 19:03:01 -0700
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I recently upgraded from Debian squeeze to wheezy and converted from 32 bit to 64 bit operation. In the process CVS went from 2:1.12.13+real-9 to 2:1.12.13+real-11. I now have a strange problem with the checkout command.

To illustrate, there's a file in my home directory called FTPsites that I added to my local repository six years ago. Things have been fine since then till now.

Now, if I do "cvs co -p FTPsites" I get the message "cvs checkout: cannot find module". However:
"cvs stat FTPsites" gives me the CVS status for that file.
"cvs log FTPsites" gives me the log entries for that file.
"cvs up -C FTPsites" creates .#FTPsites.1.1, then retrieves the file.
"cvs up FTPsites" will respond with "M FTPsites"

I've tried rolling back to the squeeze version and changing architecture back to i386 from amd64, but the problem persists. I'm pretty sure I have some weird environmental violation, but can't figure out what it is. All levels of my local repository are writable, and every command I use - except for checkout - appears to work.

I even went so far as to read the directions, but so far the last week of googling and trying various possibilities hasn't helped, so ...

Hail Mary! and thanks in advance
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