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merge updates from HEAD into branch by date

From: Chris Nicol
Subject: merge updates from HEAD into branch by date
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 09:09:29 +0000


I'm having trouble figuring out the correct syntax for what I want to do.

I want to bring all the modifications in the HEAD branch made between 9 and 11 
am on June 9th 2011 into my branch 'branch1'.  The modifications were made 
between tags 'tag11' and 'tag12' on the HEAD branch/trunk.

I have a checked-out copy of 'branch1' and  from its root I have run

cvs update -P "-jHEAD:6/9/11 9:00" "-jHEAD:6/9/11 11:00"
cvs update -P "-jtag11:6/9/11 9:00" "-jtag12:6/9/11 11:00"
and many other variants.

I've also tried running these on named sub-directories.

My working copy does not get updated with the changes I want.

cvs diff -D "6/9/11 9:00" -D "6/9/11 11:00"
DOES show the changes I want.

I am using an old server (v1.1.17) on Linux and an old client (CVSNT 2.0.51d) 
on Windows, so I imagine my problem might be due to bugs or incompatibilities, 
but I would like to know the correct syntax all the same.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Nicol

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