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RE: changes on multiple branches (UNCLASSIFIED)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: changes on multiple branches (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 10:07:20 +1100


And if you think that's a lot of fussing around for a simple result -
it's why 'changesets' were invented:

CVS supports two kinds of changesets:
- CVSNT 2.x and CVS 1.12 both support 'atomic' changesets (what
Subvserion calls 'atomic commits')
- CVSNT 2.x on Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac supports 'user defined' changesets
(what ClearCase calls a 'defect')

I have observed that increasingly the job of managing 'change sets' is
being offloaded into proprietary systems (Jira et al) even when the
'source control' is open.  I'm not a fan of this for several reasons,
but mostly I just think that pragmatically the information about the
relationship between one change and the other belongs in the versioned
repository not in a separate database.

note: it has been observed that if your CVS repository gets cluttered
with 'too many' tags the performance can decrease, which is (one of many
reasons) why in CVSNT 2.x for Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac we put in user
defined changesets.


Arthur Barrett

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> Subject: changes on multiple branches (UNCLASSIFIED)
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> Please consider this situation.
> Off of the trunk, I have two branches (lines of development), each one
> implementing a separate new features in the source code.
> Development team 1 finds a previously undiscovered error on 
> their branch
> that existed on the trunk prior the creation of either 
> branch.  Will the
> following steps correct the error on both branches?
> 1. Checkout branch 1 into a sandbox
> 2. Correct the error in the sandbox
> 3. Tag the repository with a "begin-commit" tag
> 4. Commit the changes on branch 1
> 5. Tag the repository with a "end-commit" tag
> 6. Convert the sandbox over to branch 2 (or checkout branch 2 
> into another
> sandbox)
> 7. Cvs update -j begin-commit -j end-commit to pull the 
> changes into the
> branch 2 sandbox
> 8. Commit the changes on branch 2
> Will cvs know to pull the changes made to branch 1 based on 
> the tags into
> the branch 2 sandbox?
> Thank you in advance for your assistance,
> Steve
> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: NONE

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