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From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: now hosts SPAM. Please fix links on
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 11:01:51 +1000

The main CVS site links to for some important documents.

I notice that the is now hosting SPAM, and the domain is no
longer registered to Derek.

Can someone please remove the links to on ?

If anyone else on the mailing list maintains a web site that points to for reference material, can you please update your links?
I'm sure noone here wants to feed the trolls.

On the 'main' page I see 8 links:
- current events
- CVS Information page
- manual
- commercial support
- wiki
- copyright / resume of Derek Price

I guess the easiest thing would be to re-point them to, but
a more robust alternative would be to move the 'old' content onto

On the 'project pages' I don't
see any links that are immediately obvious, but maybe someone with write
access can go through it in more detail.

If you have a new email address for Derek, maybe you could ask him to
change his savannah profile too?



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