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Can't get cvs repo going

From: Harvey Brydon
Subject: Can't get cvs repo going
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2019 13:06:55 -0600
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I have a number of files of interest in a cvs repository that I am trying to resurrect. I can't get a repository started (in which to dump the old repo). I keep getting "no such file" errors and can't figure out the most basic problem. I've gone down to the stupid simple trivial config:

D:\xx>cvs -d D:\Yevrah\cvstest init

D:\xx>cvs -d D:\Yevrah\cvstest import -m "load" MFCP vendor start
cvs [import aborted]: Failed to resolve path: `D:\Yevrah\cvstest': No such file or directory

This is on Windows 10 with cvs 1.12.13a (client). No server involved. The files cited exist properly. The init command seems to properly create the repo. The CVSROOT files are present and look like a proper new repo. I own all files and I don't believe file protection is a problem.

Harvey Brydon
Red, White and Blue have always been the colors of freedom.
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