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Re: diff has NUL instead of /dev/null

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: diff has NUL instead of /dev/null
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 15:07:12 -0700

Hi Paul,

The file window-NT/config.h defines DEVNULL as "nul" which is the
expected Windows NT localtion for a file with no bytes. The UNIX systems

$ grep -r DEVNULL cvs-1.11.9 | grep .h:
cvs-1.11.9/emx/config.h:#define DEVNULL "nul"
cvs-1.11.9/os2/config.h:#define DEVNULL "nul"
cvs-1.11.9/src/cvs.h:#define DEVNULL         "NLA0:"
cvs-1.11.9/src/cvs.h:#ifndef DEVNULL
cvs-1.11.9/src/cvs.h:#define    DEVNULL         "/dev/null"
cvs-1.11.9/windows-NT/config.h:#define DEVNULL "nul"
cvs-1.11.9/windows-NT/stamp-ch:#define DEVNULL "nul"

So, I think you may take that there is nothing wrong with your output as

Note CVS 1.11.9 is very old (came out in 2003). You may wish to upgrade
to at least CVS 1.11.23 which was released on May 7, 2008.

You may find it useful to consider CVS 1.12.13 as the most recent
release of CVS provided to the net.

If you want a more recent and supported version of CVS, then I suggest a
visit to which provides a C++ version of CVS that is
available for both Windows and Linux and for which you may purchase
support from March Hare (

        Be safe, stay healthy,
        -- Mark

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