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GNU Queue 1.30.1 is out.

From: W. G. Krebs
Subject: GNU Queue 1.30.1 is out.
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 15:24:59 -0500
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GNU Queue 1.30.1 has been released.  You can download it from:

This adds a major package courtesy of folks at Texas Instruments (Monica
Lau) that allows centralized management of Queue processes via a centralized
daemon and control utilities.

Because the new code is only in beta testing, the default is not to compile
this new package in. "./configure --enable-manager=YES" will cause the new
package to be compiled in.

1.30.1 also incorporates a fix for RedHat 7.0 over 1.20.2. The 1.20 versions
eliminated the NFS protocol, and are using a TCP/IP protocol that is much
closer to that described in the internet draft,

Please see the ChangeLog associated with the download file for more
information about the new version.

The homepage for GNU Queue is

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