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New release of the GNU Eiffel Compiler

From: Dominique Colnet
Subject: New release of the GNU Eiffel Compiler
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 15:47:15 -0500
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I am happy to announce the official release -0.76 of SmallEiffel, The GNU
Eiffel Compiler.

What's new:

     * Full compatibility with the new ELKS'2000 ARRAY class. Most
       modifications are simple renamings which are automatically pointed
       out by obsolete warnings. For obvious uniformity reasons, some
       other classes of the library have also been modified. As an
       example, empty is always replaced with is_empty in all classes.
       The name all_cleared is always replaced with all_default. The most
       difficult problem is due to the fact that is_equal in ARRAY no
       longer uses the elements is_equal to compare them, but the basic
       '=' infix operator. For uniformity reasons, this has also been
       done for all COLLECTIONs as well as class DICTIONARY.
     * Added feature is_equal_map for all COLLECTIONs (ARRAY,
       DICTIONARY. This is the replacement for the old implementation of
       is_equal (ie. is_equal_map use is_equal to compare elements).
     * Added feature reindex in class ARRAY.
     * Added a brand new class SET[E->HASHABLE].
     * Added support for the Elate (Amiga) system as well as the vpcc C
     * Added support for the QNX real time operating system.
     * For feature dispose of class MEMORY (as well as redefinitions),
       the class invariant is no longer triggered.
     * Added features atan2 and pow both in class REAL and DOUBLE.
     * Internal implementation of BASIC_TIME revisited (using now a
       double for memorization).
     * Implementation of class DICTIONARY completely revisited. Also
       added features add, item_map_in and key_map_in in the new class
     * Added feature reverse in class COLLECTION (thus, this feature is
       available for all subclasses of COLLECTION (i.e. ARRAY,
     * Various bug fixes and improvements.

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