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Proposed Bayonne Summits

From: David Sugar
Subject: Proposed Bayonne Summits
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 23:11:45 -0500
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Bayonne is the free telephony server of the GNU project.  Bayonne is already
in an advanced state of development and one can learn more from  The first Bayonne summit was held two months ago
in NYC, although it was not publically announced outside the immediate NYC metro area. Currently I plan to hold two more summits, the purpose of
which will be to discuss and finalize the roadmap for the planned Bayonne
1.0 release early next year, for extending Bayonne telephony support to
include the new Zapata BSD telephony module, for discussion of
implementation of Bayonne PBX switching features, for assignment of
future tasks in the Bayonne project, and to discuss the structure of
Bayonne development as a whole going forward.

The next such meeting is planned for sometime in mid December, and
perhaps will be held in southern Connecticut.  In addition, I would like
to hold one summit in the San Francisco/bay area on the evening of Monday,
the 22nd of January.  I already naturally presume that I could find at
least one company in the valley that would be willing to host such an event
on their premises (in addition to OST itself, and I am quite happy to take
a more neutral location).  Both summits would be open to the public and
all interested parties who may wish to attend.

The purpose of the meeting on the 22nd of January would be two-fold, in that
I would also wish to meet with those involved in free softswitch development
who may be on the west coast and have any ISC related issues to discuss, as
well as disclose, discuss, and debate the Bayonne softswitch architecture
roadmap.  In particular, I wish to do this before the semi-annual ISC
meeting which is being held on the 23rd, and for which I have some
responsiblities for representing the free software community.  For those
that cannot or do not wish to attend a Bayonne summit, I would be equally
willing to hear in email any ISC related issues those in the community wish
to discuss or have concern with.

Currently I need some idea of who would wish to attend either summit, so
that I can at least determine preliminary head counts.  Feel free to send
email directly to address@hidden rather than reply to any of the lists this
is being posted on if you are interested in attending.


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