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OFSET announcement

From: Hilaire Fernandes
Subject: OFSET announcement
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:09:36 -0500
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OFSET's Freeduc project, used to categorize, evaluate, and create
easy-to-install free software packages, is looking for volunteers to evalute
and package software referenced in the Freeduc database.

The database is available at OFSET ( RPM
packages are avaiable at the soundforge FTP site

The CVS on sourceforge is based on the "one package, one module" model. The
module should contain patches and a .spec file used to create a .rpm file
from the original .tgz package file.

To participate in the packaging work, you need a Sourceforge user account,
and to email us at address@hidden

The freeduc FAQ, which is located at, may be of interest.

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