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Volunteers needed at LinuxWorld for Bayonne

From: David Sugar
Subject: Volunteers needed at LinuxWorld for Bayonne
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 09:44:40 -0500
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Much to my own initial surprise, it looks like we may have a booth at LinuxWorld in NYC (Jan 31-Feb. 2nd) dedicated to functionally demonstrating Bayonne ( Bayonne is the free telephony server of the GNU project ( being developed locally (in the NYC area). Assuming this happens, I am hoping to find some local volunteers to help with setting up booth space, to help with manning the booth, and/or with the show and pre-show planning in general. Since time is so short, it seemed better to see if we could find a few additional people now rather than wait until the last minute.

Current plans under discussion call for a booth with a rack of Bayonne servers with telephony as well as network connectivity, and all the equipment needed has already been secured. If you are interested in helping one of this regions many great free software projects, please send e-mail to address@hidden


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