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Public Hearing on Software Patentability in the German Parliament 2001-0

From: PILCH Hartmut
Subject: Public Hearing on Software Patentability in the German Parliament 2001-06-21
Date: 17 Jun 2001 15:36:06 +0200
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Under (English) (French)

you find the details on how to participate, the consultation
questions, some hints by the FFII on possible reasoning and references
for an answer (German only) and and a first consultation paper,
written by Prof.Dr.iur Karl-Friedrich Lenz.  Prof. Lenz concludes by
a warning to his peers in patent law:

  Those who choose to ignore clear factual evidence and the _very_
  strong rejection from a clear majority of software develppors and
  insist in expanding the market for patent expertise and litigation
  into new fields with brute force, may have to face the exact opposite
  of what they intended: the abolition of the patent system as a whole.

In this spirit I would like to beg especially those friends in the
patent system who have understood and appreciated the concept of
"technical invention": break the silence, take the opportunity to join
forces with us, come forward and spread the word about the delimiting
rule that will help to put your system back on a track of sustainable
development.  The chance may never come back again.  

Also, come to see us on 2001-07-05 in Stuttgart

Hartmut Pilch                                 
Protecting Innovation against Patent Inflation
80000 signatures against software patents

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