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New GNU package announced; GNU ccAudio

From: David Sugar
Subject: New GNU package announced; GNU ccAudio
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 19:20:12 -0400 (EDT)

GNU ccAudio is a stand-alone C++ class library and newly designated GNU
package for manipulating audio data, whether on disk or in memory.  GNU
ccAudio offers the ability to work with audio file formats on disk by
treating audio data as sequenced arrays of sample data rather than as
arbitrary octets as some audio file manipulation libraries do.

In addition to being audio content aware, GNU ccAudio allows header
manipulation for setting things like annotation fields.  GNU ccAudio is
also endian aware and highly portable to both posix and win32 based

GNU ccAudio also offers basic audio signal processing including tone data
set generation and pluggable codec operations.  In the future we will
provide loadable free software audio codec modules for many common
audio encoding formats where not patent encumbered.

The latest information on GNU ccAudio may alwyas be found at  Those interested in further
developing GNU ccAudio may join the developers mailing list by sending a
subscribe request to address@hidden or by sending email to
me directly, address@hidden

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