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New GNU Package

From: David Sugar
Subject: New GNU Package
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 12:45:37 -0400 (EDT)

GNU ccRTP is a high performance threadsafe C++ RTP (Real-Time
Transport Protocol) stack and newly designated GNU package.  ccRTP is
built from and requires GNU Common C++.  GNU ccRTP is a fully general
purpose RTP stack that can be used in building both client and server
applications for audio and visual conferencing over the Internet, for
streaming of realtime data, and for next generation IP based telephony

In addition to basic transport services, GNU ccRTP has support for RTCP
(RTP Control Protocol).  It fully supports multicast operations and class
of service routing.  We would like to add support for RSVP soon.  GNU
ccRTP also provides protocol abstraction thru templates that allow other
low level transport protocols to be easily integrated, in addition to the
default IPV4 UDP sockets.

GNU ccRTP is multi-source connection capable and can be used to build all
forms of standards compliant Internet real-time conferencing systems.  
GNU ccRTP supports temporal packet queuing and live packet filtering within
the stack.  This allows one to implement mixed mode payload transport and
to implement things like embedded telephony signaling in bearer data (RFC

GNU ccRTP is high performance and uses packet queue lists to track both 
send and receive data temporally.  Unsent packets that fall behind their 
time mark are removed with notification, as are unprocessed packets in the 
receive queue as they become obsolete.  GNU ccRTP also supports partial 
packet assembly and disassembly as is often needed for constructing video 
streams that often do not fit in a single packet frame.

GNU ccRTP offers a simple mechanism for jitter buffering by delaying
between reception and consumption of arriving data as well as providing
accurate timing for streaming of outbound packets.  Any number of
instances of GNU ccRTP may be created in a single process to allow servers
to be constructed.  Each have a separate service thread to optimize and 
isolate active sessions.

The latest information on GNU ccRTP may always be found at  The initial GNU release of ccRTP
is 0.6.1, and current releases of this package may be downloaded from or any gnu mirror worldwide.

Those interested in further developing GNU ccRTP may join the developers
mailing list by sending a subscribe request to
address@hidden or by sending email to me directly,
address@hidden  GNU ccrtp development and cvs access is hosted thru
Savannah (  Those wishing to contribute should
also make use of Savannah.

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